LOSI Desert Buggy XL “Ready to Run” MGM Edition


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The most powerful LOSI DBXL

This LOSI DBXL 1/5 scaler is really special. It is mainly thanks to the top-of-the-range motor by Lehner Motoren Technik LMT 3060/8 LK, which is one of the most powerful engines you can get. This RC animal needs to be tamed by a brushless ESC of the same quality. This is the task for the premium MGM COMPRO TMM 25063-3 X2-SERIES controller.

MGM COMPRO and LMT bring breath-taking technical parameters:

  • Performance 15 kW / 20 HP
  • 50 000 RPM
  • Top speed 100 mph (depends on gearing setup)

And what else can you expect from this powerful beast, which ploughs your backyard in a couple of minutes? Power supply of this RC jewel is provided by 2 AccuPacks – Akku LE 5000 mAh 7s (altogether 14S!). This brutality can be modified even to a configuration with 15S.

Real RC masters highly appreciate our latest software Controller 2, which communicates with your PC by USBCOM 5 module. Thanks to our great data logging you can enjoy the never-ending challenge of finding the best set-up for various tracks and surfaces.

MGM COMPRO – it’s pure industrial technology

LOSI DBXL “RTR” MGM Edition 1/5 scaler has been designed in cooperation with engineers having rich experience in many industrial fields. Check this out!

In case you want to explore the other dimension of performance and technology, LOSI DBXL RTR by MGM COMPRO is the right toy for you!


  • LOSI Desert Buggy XL
  • Losi DBXL MGM COMPRO Conversion Kit
  • Motor LMT (Lehner Motoren Technik) 3060/8 LK
  • Speed controller (ESC) TMM 25063-3 X2-SERIES PRO
  • USBCOM5 and CC_11
  • 2x Akku LE 5000 mAh 7S
  • 1x Akku LE 2200 mAh 2S for receiver
  • Transmitter Spektrum DX2E DSMR (incl. receiver)
  • Everything professionally assembled and ready to run right after unboxing!