Preconfigured ESC+MOTOR Combos

Preconfigured ESC+MOTOR Combos / MGM CONTROLLERS

If you’re looking for the most powerful ESC+MOTOR combination for your RC models, you’re at the right place. In case you want to convert to electric propulsion or want to upgrade to the highest RC level, read on. We have some news for you!

We love to see your amazing RC models running with our ESCs, breaking records and pushing the limits! We know that choosing the best configuration is a kind of magic, so that is why we have prepared few pre-configured ESC + MOTOR Combos for you! All of these sets include soldered connectors and even PC CONNECTIVITY cables, so you can play around with settings and data logging right away.
ESC + MOTOR Combos for the most famous RC cars!
Switching to an electric conversion has never been that easy

There is a huge difference between gas and brushless RC cars. You have to go through a lot of obstacles, which might be very bothering – at least it takes some time and effort. To save you from this, we have prepared some ESC+MOTOR combos including conversion kits for the top RC cars on the market! All you need is just to plug the combo in and enjoy the brutal power and never-ending setup possibilities.

Legend called LOSI!

LOSI 5ive-T is a true RC car legend. Moreover, watching 20 HP Brushless LOSI 5ive-T MGM Edition running over 100 mph is really breath-taking. And we have 2 complete combos for this beauty. One with TMM 25063-3 X2 series ESC + Lehner LMT 3080/6 motor and the second one with even faster acceleration including TMM 40063-3 X2 series ESC. Both of these combos include conversion kits.

If you are looking for more versatile buggy, you should take a look at LOSI DBXL, we have a ESC + MOTOR combo for her too!
The DBXL_conversion_kit.

Great news for all KRAKEN VEKTA.5 fans!

We have started cooperation with Wheelman Designz, designer of the best conversion kit you can get! We havethis conversion kit separately on our site or in combo with 25063-3 ESC or even more powerful Brushless ESC + MOTOR Combo 40063-3 ESCs!


We were often asked how to get more power from X-MAXX. We chose the best combo to break records in speed runs or get more speed while bashing! Shop combo for TRAXXAS X-MAXX in
ESC + MOTOR Combos for RC PowerBoats.

On the ground or in the water, MGM CONTROLLERS were always about pushing the limits. Over the years you could see our ESCs in the best RC PowerBoats on the market. That is why we prepared combo for the best RC boats by MHZ and HPR companies.
ESC + MOTOR Combos for Mystic PowerBoats

Mystic 185 is a real legend. This beauty works the best in the combo with our TMM 40063-3 X2 series ESC and Lehner LMT 3060/10 motor. We got ESC + MOTOR Combo for her little sister too. Shop Mystic 138 combo here.

HPR 5009

When it comes to catamarans, you need 2 motors and 2 ESCs to make it run properly. HPR 5009 has undoubtedly one of the best price to power ratios on the market. See 2x ESC TMM 28026-3 + 2x Lehner LMT 2250/6 motors on our website.
Get ESC + MOTOR Combo for better price!

Best thing is that you can get these ESC + MOTOR combos with a discount! Just use our promo code rcsummer in the checkout. Valid only till September 15.

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